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Face masks, the new trendy accessory

Who would have thought that an item so unknown to everyone until the beginning of 2020 would become the most important accessory in our daily lives for so many months?

At the moment it's compulsory to wear a face mask in the street and in all kinds of enclosed public spaces, so we have had to adapt to the new normality that this pandemic has left us with. As good fashion lovers at Abbacino we thought that, since we have to integrate this element in all our looks, what better way than giving them a different touch, with colour and a fashionable style.

So, we have decided to renew ourselves and adapt to current events, and we have entered the exciting and "necessary" sector of approved reusable face masks.

Different types of masks

  • Hygienic masks: these types of masks are not PPE, so they should be used by healthy people with no adverse symptoms. They can be sold in all types of establishments, from pharmacies or supermarkets to fashion shops, so they are accessible to the general public. They are usually composed of different layers of textile fabric and are available in reusable and single-use versions. In the case of reusable masks, the manufacturer must indicate how many washes the protective layer can withstand.
  • Surgical masks: these masks were initially marketed only in pharmacies, but such was their demand that they began to be sold in different supermarkets and drugstores. They are intended for the general public, even for people infected by the virus, as they prevent the proliferation of bacteria through the air. This type of mask is for single use only.
  • FFP2 masks: these are the masks with the highest level of protection at the moment. These masks protect both the user and the people around them. They are PPE (personal protective equipment) generally recommended for healthcare personnel or users exposed to a large number of people. They are for single use only.

The Abbaccino masks

“Renew or die”, that has been our motto during the pandemic. Our reusable hygienic face masks have been a revolution in the industry in recent months. Our idea has been to link fashion with individual protection, and we have created a wide collection of masks in different styles, colours and patterns. We wanted to leave behind the “mask – hospital” relationship, and integrate this accessory into our wardrobe, allowing us to combine it with all our clothes.

The truth is… it has been a great success! At Abbacino we have a mask for every occasion, from discreet and plain masks, through printed and floral masks, to party masks. Ah! We mustn’t forget a very important public for us: the youngest members of the family, so we also have a large collection of masks for children.

  • Smooth face masks: they are perhaps the most popular among our users (our black face mask has become a Top Seller on our website). They are easy to combine with all our looks and we also have them available in a wide range of colours: black, blue, green, pink... Printed face masks: an original bet for the most daring.
  • Printed masks: perfect to combine with simple styles, as they add a different touch to our style. At Abbacino we have hundreds of prints so that you can create an infinite number of outfits.
  • Floral face masks: they are the perfect choice for the flirtatious ones. Feminine and very chic, they bring an extra femininity to our outfits, we love them for the spring and summer months!
  • Party masks: a bold design for the most daring. Our party masks are made with a layer of metallic mesh, so you can shine wherever you go.They can also be combined with our party bags to create a stunning total look.

Let's be responsible, we will defeat COVID together.

It's the most heard and pronounced word in recent times. At first it sounded like terror, but now it's part of our vocabulary, of our lives.

We at Abbacino would like to appeal to the entire population and remind them that the only way to turn the page and restore normality to our lives is through individual responsibility, respectful behaviour towards others and towards ourselves, and strict adherence to the rules laid down by the health authorities.

Abbacino masks have been our small contribution to help overcome this unpleasant pandemic that has claimed so many lives, so we all have to be strong and fight together in the same direction to emerge stronger from this pothole.

"Remember! Wash your hands, keep a safe distance and wear your Abbacino mask wherever you go."