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Dive into our bags collection! At Abbacino we have a wide variety of bags: shopper bags, mobile phone bags, backpacks... In our online shop you will find the right model for every occasion and every style.


Dive into our bags collection! At Abbacino we have a wide variety of bags: shopper bags, mobile phone bags, backpacks... In our online shop you will find the right model for every occasion and every style.

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The handbag, a timeless accessory

For as long as we can remember, the bag has always been present in our lives, either seeing it in magazines and on haute couture catwalks or using our mothers handbag to play at being grown up. At Abbacino we have a wide variety of bags: classic, modern, raffia, leather... An endless number of options in different colours, shapes and sizes, to prove once again that the handbag is an essential accessory in our lives.

The most desired

Oversized bags

Large bags have become a total trend in recent years. They are the perfect choice for everyday life, as they allow you to carry all your essentials wherever you go: your wallet, laptop, purse, mobile phone... A very practical and comfortable option that will add a casual and trendy touch to your style.

In this group of bags, well make special mention of the shopper bag, a must-have for lovers of this accessory, characterised by its large capacity and trapezoidal shape. We love this type of bag, also known as "tote bag", and therefore we recommend you to take a look at our designs, made with high quality materials such as leather or nylon, and available in a wide range of colours.

Small bags

Mini bags have revolutionised the world of fashion, as they have adapted to the needs of the younger public, who like to carry everything organised in a minimum of space. This type of bag is perfect for the evening, as it brings a more sophisticated style to our image. In our catalogue we have several options, such as mobile phone bags, handbags or party bags.

Made with high quality materials: cowhide leather, raffia, metallic mesh, the mini bags will give you a sophisticated touch and will help you to create a distinguished look that will not go unnoticed.

The black bag

Classics never die and this is demonstrated by the black bag. An accessory thats present in every wardrobe, easy to combine and timeless. As we all know, black is a discreet and elegant colour, and we can say that black bags are the most sought after and sold, thanks to their great versatility.

Perfect for any occasion, the black bag will always be a good choice for a gift idea and why not? to give it as a present to ourselves!

The white bag

The colour of purity, light and peace.The white bag never goes out of fashion and is an ideal accessory for spring and summer, hot seasons in which light tones transmit freshness. Its also a very easy option to combine, as its a neutral tone that matches with all kinds of colours. It is also a very easy option to combine.

An excellent choice for the day to day, and to achieve a natural style and full of simplicity to all our looks.

The red bag

Give your days a touch of colour! The colour red represents passion, power and triumph. This is reflected in a bag in this colour. An accessory with character and personality that will turn a simple outfit into a look that wont go unnoticed.

In addition, thanks to its liveliness, its an ideal colour for both summer and winter, so by choosing a red bag you will have a timeless accessory for both day and night.

Our identity

Abbacino designs are inspired by the Mediterranean style, the sea where we were born.

Each bag is a new challenge for us, so our greatest achievement is to create resistant pieces that last over the years, companions for everyday life. That is why, when you choose an Abbacino bag, you are not only choosing a seasonal piece, but a eternal accessory.

Create your Total Look

How we love to combine all our accessories!In our catalogue we give you the option of combining all our bags with different accessories such as wallets, purses, card holders, bag organisers and scarves. Practically all the designs are available in different shades, inviting you to play with colour, to create different and daring looks, and to let your imagination run wild in this exciting world called "Abbacino".

Immerse yourself in our universe and take a look at our online catalogue, you wont regret it!