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Wallets, the essential accessory in our handbag

Wallets or coin purses have become essential pieces in our handbag and in our day-to-day life, otherwise... who would put some order to our belongings? Its an accessory that generally takes up little space, but no less useful because its a faithful ally to organise our documents, banknotes and coins.

There are wallets in all possible formats and colours, made of leather, nylon, canvas... An endless number of combinations that give rise to a great variety of styles, to satisfy the general public. But one thing we know for sure, its that above all, a wallet must be practical and functional, and at Abbacino, we know a lot about that...

Womens wallets

Womens wallets were born when womens clothing began to fit the body silhouette, leaving behind pockets and welcoming a complement that marked a before and after, and that has acquired a special importance in recent decades in terms of fashion.

We usually associate them with large rectangular designs, in which we can store cards, identity documents and money, but nowadays there is an infinity of different sizes and formats, such as large wallets to combine with maxi bags or mini wallets to combine with party bags or handbags. We can even wear them on their own, without the need to combine them with a handbag, thanks to the beautiful designs that we can find.

At Abbacino, we have a wide selection of womens wallets, all of them with different compartments for cards, with integrated wallet and zip closure. Made from high-quality materials such as cowhide leather, our womens wallets are synonymous with trend, style and functionality.

Mens wallets

In the past, mens wallets were always to be carried in plain sight and denoted opulence and wealth, however, nowadays the roles have changed and this accessory has acquired a role that is absolutely related to order and comfort.

Mens wallets are distinguished by their pocket size, generally in fan format, capable of offering maximum organisation while occupying minimum space. In our catalogue we offer different designs and formats, in neutral and masculine colours, all of them made of high-quality leather and distinguished by the meticulousness of their details and finishes.

Coin purses

A versatile accessory if ever there was one! Coin purses are unisex accessories, generally small in size, whose main function is to store coins or small objects such as keys. A very comfortable and practical format, perfect to accompany mini bags or party bags, or even to carry in your pocket, which will add a very flirty touch to all your outfits.

Card holders

Perhaps the most unknown format for all users, but no less practical for that. Card holders are a very useful accessory if you are one of those who have an infinite number of cards, as it will allow you to always carry them all well organised. In addition, they are quite small pieces ideal for combining with large wallets or purses.

Abbacino wallets

What can we say about our brands wallets? We love them all!

Their main characteristic is that they are all made of high-quality leather (sometimes combined with other materials such as nylon), they have different compartments to achieve an unbeatable order and they have a clip or zip closure, thus offering greater security.

Inspired by the Mediterranean style that defines our brand and available in a wide variety of colours, Abbacino wallets have been designed following the latest trends of the moment, keeping in our catalogue more classic and simple designs such as plain wallets, and betting on daring formats in original and different shades such as those that include die-cut or braided details.

In addition, each wallet comes with various matching accessories such as handbags, scarves and masks, so dont miss our wallet section!